I love my partner, my cameras and the sea.

A look at a photographers gear gives you a little insite into who they are, where they’ve been, and how they see the world. Some have a bad case of G.A.S., having more cameras, flashes, lenses and bags then most people see in their lifetime, while others are simple and fast, not wanting to be weighed down.  

No arsenal is better than the other, each one is perfect for it’s owner. This is my arsenal.


Heinrich Hoffman

What can I say about a Leica that hasn’t already been said? We all know about the lenses, the durable bodies, the price tag, but if you get to be lucky enough to get your mitts on one then you know what it feels like to own one. I was lucky enough, well irresponsible enough, to get one while living up in San Francisco in 2011 and since buying it I’ve almost completely transitioned back to film. I love the simplicity and zen, calming feeling I get when it’s in my hand. #believeinfilm


Tōyō Miyatake

Luck must be on my side. This is another camera that I just happened to come up the money for. After leaving Apple, separating from my now ex-wife and just completing my transition, I didn’t have much direction in my life but was feeling a new confidence toward taking chances.  So, I cashed in my stocks and 401Ks, took a leap and bought this camera kit. The rest of the money took me and my now girlfriend on a trip to San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. That trip lead to my move to San Francisco and the surrounding area.  Leading me on a road of love, adventure, heartbreak and adventure.  You know the standard awesome life stuff.  



Lee and I are like ninjas when we’re together.  A fantastic camera for stealthy hip shots.  This little plastic camera is so simple that it allows me to not have to think of anything except the next shot.  This is the most fun I have with photography and I love the excitement I feel when I get the negatives back from the lab.  


iPhone 5

I see photographs everywhere. My iPhone allows me to capture those moments that would otherwise be lost, causing me a lot of regret. Using Hipstamatic and VSCO Cam photo programs to capture my world around me.

As my life changes and my needs as a photographer shrinks and expands my arsenal will too.

Happy Shooting,


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