I love my partner, my cameras and the sea.

Film allows you to stumble upon moments for a second time. Shot on Kodak Ektarchrome with a Holga 120 camera.

Already in love with this E-6 film. Shot it on my Holga last week at HB Pier.

If it wasn’t for @heddyhamm I’d never have any pictures of myself. The beach was beautiful, complete with a viewing of dolphins playing in the surf. I ALWAYS have an amazing time when I’m near the ocean. (at Huntington Beach, CA)

I would stay here forever. (at Huntington Beach Pier)

Cleaning 12 cameras sometimes gives you a roll of film you’d forgotten about. (at City of Garden Grove)

This is the only photo I walked away with this morning. The choppy water was pulling sideways with a wind to match. No one was out but it was still worth it to see this & the ocean. (at Lifeguard Tower 68)

A beautiful walk through nature. Reconnecting. (at Bolsa Chica Wetlands)

Stormy clouds over south Orange County. (at Coastal Peak Park)

Maggie’s happy I’m home & really really wanted to play.

The endorphins are gone, all that’s left is hamburger meat. (at Red Buddha Tattoo)

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce